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Friday, April 21, 2006

Painting dirt

I painted a room in the house this weekend. All in all, for a first time attempt, it didn’t go too badly. There was minimal spillage and the room looks a whole lot brighter and better. I deliberately picked the dirtiest and grubbiest room to improve. The one thing I soon realised is that you need to clean up as much of the grim and dust as possible before you paint. Otherwise, the dust forms these nice little bumps under the paintwork spoiling your otherwise smooth paint job. These little defects will soon become the sites where fresh dust can collect and smirk at you. Basically, unless you get rid of the dirt it will show up again. It’s the same in life. There are plenty of issues I can gloss over and not deal with the real root. They soon come back again. I have learnt the hard way that a clean up is better in the long term. Doesn’t stop me trying to avoid doing it, but ultimately after much procrastinating the clean up usually wins.

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