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Friday, June 21, 2013

On a Future Passing

I have seen much death, suffering and pain the last few weeks... the hurt in those left behind. The uncertainty, the sorrow and the bottled tears. 
When, in many moons to come, my time comes promise me this; hold nothing back. Mourn and cry, wail and keen in your grief, let the banshee fear that her voice has been stolen. But mingle such anguish with the laughter of old memories dusted out of closets long thought forgotten. Let the air echo with the fun tales of lessons learnt with hilarity. Remember fondly the lives that I have touched, for in them a difference i have made can be paid forward in an unending chain that echoes through eternity. And face each day with strength, secure in the knowledge that I will be waiting for you on the other side of the curtain to welcome you home.
Long may that day be in coming. For now let us fill each day with all the love, life, memories and goodness we can bring to bear, celebrating with each other along the way....remembering life is too short to waste on bad coffee.