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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Friends and filters

Well, it’s a small thing, but worth celebrating-it’s been two weeks since I started this blog, and I’ve kept it going. Now to see if I can manage a month, six months, or a year and beyond.

The weekend has been awesome so far. Played squash for the first time in a tear last night, got soundly whipped. Then out to a gathering of old friends. Someone realised that a lot of us whose paths have since diverged (due to university, work, moved country etc) were around again, and arranged a get together. It was a great time catching up on where everyone is and hearing the testimonies of their lives. It probably would never had happened if someone had never made the plan happen. It’s one thing to think of doing something, another to execute it. So thanks Tia for making a great event.

The weather today has been, to use an old fashioned term, “glorious”. So, I have done remarkable little this morning. I have sat out in the fading summer sun and enjoyed ‘spacing out’. Did a bit of reading, but mostly soaked up rays and did some thinking about different things. Am off to a friend’s house just now to invest sometime in a young man who is destined for great things. Won’t be out late tonight though as am ‘m-cing’ at church tomorrow.

Keeping the flow of a service going with 3000 people present is always a daunting and humbling task, and one that I always strive to be better at. As a result when I watch a show or awards ceremony I always do it with a ‘m-c’ biased filter on; looking for tips, lines and mistakes to avoid. In a similar vein, I naturally employ a physio filter when watching sport; I generally can pick up a limp before the commentators notice. The trick for me is to remember to see the big picture while still remaining focused. Let me know what ‘filters’ you use in your life.

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Anonymous said...

My friend and I have what we call the 'E' feeling - it may sound weird, but it's that feeling you have in your gut and just can't really explain it but you know you're right. It's worked really well with people, being able to suss them out and tell if they're genuine or not. Often people are taken at face value, big smile means they must be nice folk, crossed arms means they're cold and distant. The 'E' feeling lets me know that behind the smile is halitosis that includes the whole character, or behind the crossed arms is a lovely big heart. I use it as my filter, being aware of what people are really like, but also having to work and live alongside them and not let the 'E' feeling cloud my views entirely.