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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Beyond the now

Have your ever wondered how many people have never clicked on the “More” button at Google? Perhaps you never have. Try it. It unfolds the full expanse of Goggle’s repertoire of search tools. I learnt two things from this. The first is that often we miss the full potential in our selves and others because we never bother to look past the obvious mundane stuff we do. The second is that Google have never stood still. They are by far the most successful search engine available, but they haven’t stopped there. They continue to expand and develop new ideas in their field to keep them ahead of the pack and help ‘organize the world’s information’. They have continued to build on success, rather than sitting back and admiring what they’ve done. Our success should become the building block for continued development, and ultimately a platform from which others may build upon for many years to come.

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