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Monday, September 24, 2007

a little news

A bit of personal news. I completed a course earlier this year called 'Majoring in Men', we had our graduation/commissioning last night. At the end of the course you get presented with a sword (very real and sharp). So here's a little photo. I hope to get some of the actual ceremony at a later date.

Otherwise recoveri

ng from a second dose of flu this year, can't say I was delighted but am back at work.

What's in a name

If I say the name, for example, ‘Brent’ to you what do you think of? Or how about the names ‘Corrigan and Maitland’? In the first instance unless you know someone by that name probably not much, and in the second, unless you are associated with the medical world you are unlikely to put much pay to the names of two pioneers and authors in Orthopaedics and Physical Therapy. Lets try another one-how about a blonde multimillion dollar heiress to a hotel chain with a recent spell behind bars, who is named after the French capital. Now unless you have been hiding under a rock (or possibly just don’t get her in your headlines) you thought of something. In fact I’d hazard a guess that it also stimulated an emotion, somewhere between causing extreme nausea or total adoration. The fact is most people have an opinion about Miss H., and depending on whether you view her as a blonde bimbo, or the next blonde icon will determine how you feel.

The next step, how would you react if you met her in the street, or even better she actually said hello to you? Be honest, based on you previous emotion. I guess there are some who would deliberately avoid her and others who would engage in the fawning adoration that would probably have her retching over you in disgust. I don’t really care how you plan on behaving. The point that I want to make is that our opinions, stored emotions and thoughts trigger responses in us when we are confronted with a situation. It is possible that they could get in the way of our personal progress and development. Worth thinking about.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Had a tooth out today, one of my lower wisdom ones. Do not recommend this anytime soon. The irritating part is that it hurts more now than before the procedure, for some reason my tooth was painfree despite all that was happening to it. I could have had a filling, but refuse to have the mercury amalgam ones, despite all the assurances from the FDA and dental associations (if I gave you half a teaspoon of mercury, silver and nickel would you swallow it…exactly…so why put it in your mouth). But I digress. The other filling types don’t take well in wisdom teeth which left really one option.

The amazing part was the amount of tooth below the gum line-probably a good 70% of the total tooth size. How often do we just look at the end product or at the obvious issues when dealing with a situation. I have a new found respect for looking below the surface. Take another example, the chicken pie you eat in the restaurant takes up to 3 hours to prepare. First you cook the chicken, debone it, mix it with other stuff, make the pastry, let the pastry prove, shape and bake the pie and someone comes and eats it in 5 minutes. Everyone looks at Bill Gates and Oprah in the now, at their current wealth. They often forget how far they have come or the hardships endured in the early years. Don’t forget your history, it will give you a new appreciation of the future.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Two nights ago, as I was riding home at night, a vehicle pulled up alongside me and a voice hollered out of the darkness, “Evening Doctor!” The lights changed green and the mystery greeter sped off into the night before I could get a good look at them. Despite the mild inaccuracy of the greeting, I’m a physiotherapist not a doctor, the fact that they recognised me was startling. It could have been an old patient or someone from the fringes of the other circles that I move in who knows me by reputation. You never really know who you are influencing or who is noticing you. A while back I got stopped in a shopping mall by a cleaner whose son I had treated, four years after the event she wanted to let me know how he was doing. I had completely forgotten, but she remembered. It is great to be appreciated. So as you go through your day bear in mind that you never know who is watching.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Creating Creativity

Ho hum, what to write about today? Lets pick a topic out of the hat… creativity, that’s a good one, especially when I’m trying to be. Creativity-the capacity to create. What does the word bring to mind-waves of negative emotion and images of a failed art class (oh me creative? no never), or the thrill and excitement of seeing a finished solution to a problem? I have news for you, you are creative whether you like it or not. Have you ever made anything, doesn’t matter how small or big? How about cooking a meal, that’s an act of creation, making something out of something else? Ever made an excuse-well that’s creative avoidance.

Theologically, should you happen to believe in God, if we are made in the image of God, and as He is a creator then we bear that attribute inside us.

How do you release this creativity then? Part of the solution is realising that you are a creative engine, you are a vessel purposed to create; be it ideas, images, things, chicken soup. The second step would probably involve setting a problem in front of you. Not the negative, self-defeating type, but a problem involving something you want, value and eagerly anticipate. Hold the picture of what you desire in your mind and watch your brain kick into overdrive to create solutions. Another idea would be to regularly engage in activity that requires creation; painting, writing, dance, pottery- it can be anything. Start small and use that success to propel you forward.