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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I mentioned in a previous post that I had made some primary decisions regarding my health and study habits. I promised to expand the process by which I arrived at them. I will deal with the first in this post. Health is something that we tend to take for granted. I have always tried to maintain what I thought was an acceptable level of health. Ok, so I might fall ill occasionally, and it wasn’t like I didn’t exercise. The problem with an “ok” level of health is that you never realise the level of well being that you could achieve. A couple of things happened to lead me to my health decisions. First was that I did a “detox” early in the New Year. I did what is commonly referred to as a Daniel fast-no meat or rich foods for 3 weeks (so I skimped on the meat side a bit). It was hard going at first, but suddenly I found I could concentrate for longer in the mornings. I seemed to have more energy. So, when the fast was over I took a good look at my eating habits and made a few changes. Most of them involve cutting back on refined sugar, but the benefit has been sustained.

The second aspect occurred as a result of helping a friend with his workout regime. Seeing as I was there at the same time as him, and watching someone exercise is just plain boring, I decided to join in. The results were slow but noticeable, combined with a better diet there was a definite firming and increase in muscle bulk. I’m no “arnie” but definitely an improvement on the previous model, and you know what; I like it. That means that I’ll probably have to continue working out for the foreseeable future-a decision I have made. But the benefits are again tangible. As a result, I am fitter, have more self esteem and think better than I have ever done. It’s worth taking care of our body, after all it’s the only one we’ve got.

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