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Thursday, November 20, 2008

A little blah.

I guess i'm feeling a little blah at the moment. You know the 'blah' where you don't really want to do anything major and not for any major reason either. It is not that there is nothing to do, rather the opposite as I have a pile of marking, writng and projects to work on. This feeling is aided by the weather which is overcast with the threat of rain-just perfect for bed, coffee and a good book. Not a great combination for raging amounts of productivity. The cure for blah usually involves just that though. A little time to step back and renew my perspective. To step back and actually see the wood not just the trees. So I'm off to have a cup of coffee and just relax a little, think a little and clear my mind of clutter before moving on with my list of things to do.

Friday, November 14, 2008


This week one of the main cellphone operators in Zimbabwe cancelled all contract lines and converted them to a pay-as-you-go system. The primary reason is that due to the spiralling inflation rate and ongoing black market devaluation of the local currency, by the time the bills have been processed and the clients paid (normally by cheque-and a company may only withdraw the equivalent of less than 2USD a day from the bank) the value of the money is a fraction of the value of the service provided. Inconvenient for people, you bet. The pre-paid system is tedious and you have to keep topped up or you can’t call. Have people complained, you bet.

The loudest complaints though have been from those whose companies don’t accept cheques either, but expect everyone to take theirs. That’s plain hypocrisy and one of the reasons the Zim is in the mess it is in. Living your life at one standard while expecting others to live at another for your convenience is wrong anyway you look at it. Integrity is the opposite and highly valued by others.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Overnight Success

Today at church I watched a 15 year old, young man lead a congregation of 3000 people in Praise and Worship for the first time. Among the songs was one of his own compositions. How many 15 year olds get that sort of exposure? He was confident, clear and did a great job-way to go Dan! His success has not been overnight though. He has gone through years of training in music and voice. He has performed at multiple concerts, from the low to the high. He has spent hours in practice. In short, today was a culmination of years of work-most of it at the instigation of his mother.

It is easy to look at success from the overnight perspective. Especially when that’s really what we desire. I mean, who wouldn’t want fame, riches and glory without having to spend ages working for it. Unfortunately, it is a rare thing. For many successful people life has been the result of years of principled living. Applying daily what they know to work and getting results.

Sure there are tools we can apply to make the process a little easier and more fun, but at the end of the day a man will reap what he sows. Idle daydreams stay in your mind, well set goals and vision promote you to action.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Barak who?

It's an incredible, gobsmacking moment when a person who has absolutly no idea what a man's policies are, what his party stands for, let alone how the American political system works, can be glad that Barak Obama has come into power simply because of the colour of his skin. Yet person after person in Zimbabwe is delighted with the result of the American election-even though they are unwilling to comment on or make any positive headway in our own elections. Sorry, that's just flipping ridiculous.