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Friday, April 14, 2006

Apologies and Angst

Firstly an apology, I thought I had changed my settings to allow anyone to post comments to the blog. Unfortunately, I hadn’t. I have since rectified the error (I hope) and anyone can now comment on the site. I value your feedback and input, so please write something.

Secondly, I thought, why waste a post. I want to expand a bit on the idea of celebrating each other. My mother is currently recovering from a life-threatening illness. I want you to know, priorities change what life is on the line. Suddenly you become aware of what is important and what is not. More than ever, I am aware that time is transient, and that which we have now we will not have in the future. I value the times I now have with my mother and aim to create lasting memories that will not only build me up, but serve as a testimony to future generations. Often it takes a shock to bring home a truth that someone has been telling you all along, My one pastor, Pastor Bonnie Deuschle, has been showing our church how to create memories for years; it’s only now that I’ve really understood. Mom-I still owe you that ice-cream.

I wish to live a life of no regrets. It’s one thing to regret doing something; it’s completely another to have had the opportunity to do something and not done it. It’s the second lament that I wish to avoid. I desire a full and complete life. That’s why I have a life “wish-list”. That’s why I started this blog. To identify and be prepared for opportunities that come along is a driving focus in my life. I hope it becomes one in yours.


Anonymous said...

To me, leading a full life without regret is about living a purpose driven life through and for Christ. This comes from seeking and living in His will for my life. Only then, do we get to experience true fulfillment and know our potential. It can get a bit blurry talking about not missing out on opportunties - often this can cover up what God really asks of us - to spend time getting to know and become more like him, and to share the gospel. For instance, I was recently at a birthday party and was quite surpised by some of the guests who were not committed to being there to help celebrate the main event. They said they would pop in for a quick drink but had to go to a,b,and c and then rush off to d afterwards. It just seemd that they were not committed to any one event. I was slightly irritated by their approach as it diminished the importance of my friend's birthday and that fact she was the focus of the day. Does this example of behaviour really reflect how Jesus would have approached life? Is this what some people may mistake for a full life - rushing around trying to please everyone and be everywhere? We need to be careful we are not simply living busy lives but to rather live a FULL LIFE.

Bodmas said...

I so totally agree with your comments. I recently had to make a decision to give up a major commitment in order to devote more attention to something else. That's why it's so important to realise what you are called to do. Your purpose provides the rudder, helping you decide what to take on or not. If you are a Christian, being led by the Holy Spirit and being guided through God's word are vital, to making the right decisions regarding what you do.