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Friday, August 31, 2007

A quick picture.

Just a quick note as been rushed off my feet this week-literally if you include all the dancing I'm doing. Can across this picture from my trip to Cape Town last year, thought I would share it with you all. I love the sea. This just helps to remind me why.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

P.A.R.T. Y? Because I got to

Yes, time marches on, and as so many people were quick to point out this week I am a whole year older. I decided (perhaps rather lately) to hold a party for myself at the restaurant that I work at. Nothing too fancy; cake, icecream, friends that I knew would be there,that sort of thing-if I left you out sorry but little planning time went into the spur of the moment decision. Having never held my own party before,this was a bit of a novelty. Still it went well, was fairly well attended and left me feeling good.

One of my friends gave the Narnia soundtrack as a gift-I have wanted this soundtrack since I first watched the movie, but never got round to getting it. A dream fulfilled. I love the music; it inspires and triggers my imagination. I placed it on my Ipod(another great gift) immediatly. I find it easier to write with such stimulation playing.
It's important to know what triggers you, what stimulates best performance. It may be a time of day, a piece of music, a particular environment, a particular person. Identify your triggers and use them to promote you to better action. You may save the work that needs your best attention for a particular timeframe, or like me you may have inspirational music playing the whole time. It all helps

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Been ill for the last few days-I hate being sick. Rather make that loathe, dislike, intense feelings of negative emotion etc. Made my point.

The only positives were a few extra days at home(mostly sleeping but managed a few games) and a general time to reflect on life. Just happens to coincide with a significant birthday in a few days. No I'm not having an extra early mid-life crisis, I just had some time to think and look at things and to decide on what I would really like in life. Where I would like to stay, what sort f house I'd like, what sort of lifestyle..and then to start to ask what might I need to do to get there in the not to distant future. It's one thing to want to own your own house, but do you know how the properties market works? So plenty of reflection...and more of it needed. I want to go on holiday before the end of the year so will make plenty more time for deep thought

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Peter Pan

All boys grow up, except one. I watched the film Peter Pan starring Jeremy Sumpter this weekend. The book by J.M. Barrie was one of my favourites as a child and was worth revisiting. It contains many ideas and concepts that are part of lifestyle enhancing courses today. The power of positive thinking-you need to think lovely thoughts before you can fly with the aid of fairy dust. The idea of positive and negative confession, every time you say you don’t believe in fairies then one dies, and its converse in getting everyone to shout that they believe in order to save a dying Tinkerbell. You may not believe in fairies now, but how about some of your dreams. A positive expectancy of the future even when it looks bleak-‘To die would be an awfully big adventure’ says Peter when he stands alone on the rock as the tide comes in. So many skills that we can instil in young people that will aid them in achieving their dreams as they get older. I get the suspicion that this book/film and play will be around for many years to come

Saturday, August 11, 2007


A long weekend here in Zimbabwe and I'm working!!!! The extra punctuation marks may appear a little excessive but that's how I feel about it. It's a holiday-I shouldn't have patients in hospital. I only have three this weekend, but I still value my breaks.

Plans for the weekend-gaming, movies and reading. Probably a suntan in there as well.

On wednesday some friends of mine decided to mug me in my yard-complete with balaklavas, BB guns and general menacing. I thought I was about to die. When a shadow steps out of the dark and points what appears to be a weapon at you, you realise rather quickly what you value. For me it was my life. I would like to say that I valianetly beat them to a pulp, rushed them heroically whilst performing a series of nija style moves, but alas none of the above. I tried to make as much noise to wake the neighbours and yelled my head off while bracing for a bullet.

I suppose I can be grateful that i have an opportunity to think on my reaction and plan for any future senario. I have reviewed my house security and an in the process of changing a few things around. Still could have done without the shock.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Opening my eyes

I have been cycling a lot more than usual the last few weeks. Part of that is due to the current fuel shortage in Zimbabwe, but a desire to increase fitness is also a strong motivator. Most of my rides are early morning, which can be a bit chilly as winter bows out. My route often takes me up the back of the Royal Harare Golf Club and I was pleasantly surprised to find see a number of duiker (a small antelope) wandering over the course in the sunrise. I had never really noticed them before. And certainly not while driving. The slower pace of cycling allowed me more freedom to pay attention to things around me, to things I would not normally notice. If I missed the duiker so easily, what else am I missing in other areas of my life? Sometimes it pays to take advantage of your full visual field. It wasn’t a lack of intelligence that prevented me from seeing before; in this case it was that my focus was elsewhere. Now when I go pass I try to see how many I can find (as well as looking out for anything else)-so far my count is at 5.