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Friday, June 30, 2006


Trends; sometimes they are obvious to see (e.g. fashion) and other times just a lot harder. Then there are the coincidences-things happening at the same time that just link together without rational explanation. Without being overly superstitious, it just seems that July is the month things radically happen in my life (its not the only month mind you, but just more seems to happen in July than any other month). My July is filled with many milestones and memories. My brother passed away on the first of July, we opened our current private practice on the 1st of July, I made the All-Africa Games squad in a July, and now as July looms large again I face a new venture on the horizon. I will explain more when I have signed on the dotted line, but it promises to be a new and exciting challenge, so watch this space for details.

There are other trends worth watching for. What time of day do you function best? What colour do you wear that people always say suits you? What tasks always come your way? What compliments do you receive the most? What age group of people do you connect best with? What activity gives you the most satisfaction? There are millions of other trends you could identify…each of which will enable you to achieve more and be better satisfied in what you do. Let me know what trends you have identified, or maybe you have extra questions to add to the list.

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