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Monday, June 26, 2006

Swallowing your pride

As much as I hate to admit it, I can’t do everything. Furthermore, in many cases, that which I do can often be done better by others. You could view me in some instances as a control freak. I like to have my finger on the pulse of everything, but mistake that for trying to do everything. This last week I had to swallow my pride and go get some advice from someone who knew better. The area concerned was my accounting and tax arrangement at work. I got some sound advice from an old friend and patient and have started to implement it. It will make a huge difference to my cash flow at work and in the long term save me money. The stupid thing is that I’ve put this meeting off for ages-pride just got in the way. I didn’t think that I knew better, I just made excuses to avoid going. I had no time, was too busy, the deadline was far away, all just to get out of admitting that I was wrong and did not have all the answers. Looking back, I can see how foolish that thinking was. I am now having to look and see other areas where I need help and what can be done to get it. Surrounding myself with more competent people is not a crime. It is only through stepping out of my comfort zone that I will be able to get further.

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