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Friday, June 09, 2006


Will be spending this morning examining Physiotherapy students. On top their practicals today and Monday, I will have a pile of papers to mark for the weekend (oh goody???). I face this period with a great deal of in trepidation. As well as the responsibility of determining who passes and fails, and if they deserve to continue in their chosen career, I get to see how well I’ve done my job in teaching and instruction. I am continually updating the way I teach and experimenting with new ideas to make it more interactive, memorable and above all relevant.

In terms of passing and failing, I am guided by what one of my early physio mentors told me-“reward success and be harsh on failure”. If someone doesn’t make the grade, you are not doing a service by scraping him through. In the case of physiotherapy, you are also shortchanging their patients. On the other hand, do not fall into the trap of giving average marks for above average performance-reward excellence. So, off to work we go.

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