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Monday, June 05, 2006

It ain't nothing but a number

Apart from a little car trouble, I had a great weekend. Managed to spend sometime with various friends, as well as engage in a variety of activities that I enjoy. It’s always great when two of three things start to line up and relate.

First, I had some feedback on the site from a friend. He provided some constructive criticism, that I have taken to heart,mainly on the shortfalls in my spelling ability. He turns 14 this year, but that’s no excuse not to listen to what he has to say. Thanks Scott.

I spent Saturday afternoon with another friend of mine who has been test reading my book. He’s 15 and had already started one of his own- a fantasy/quest style novel similar to my own. We were able to share ideas and encourage each other. Actually, his writing is pretty good, with a natural flair and creativity for names.

As if this was not enough, I went to hear another mate of mine speak to a group of young adults on Saturday night. His topic-the need for mentoring the ‘teenage’ generation. Considering what had already happened that weekend, I was over the moon with his subject matter- and really getting the hint. Mentorship is the latest ‘fad’ in the commercial world, one that has been overlooked for too long. We often get too hung up on age related (he’s too young, I’m not old enough) or knowledge related (I don’t know enough) issues in this area. The fact remains, we should all be getting input from someone above us, and the fastest way to grow is to help mentor someone else.

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