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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Taking a walk.

I took a walk yesterday. This may sound odd, but in Zimbabwe there are two types of people-those who have to walk (due to lack of a car) and those who don’t. It’s easier to drive, but I have seen people drive 3 blocks to the shops to pick up a bottle of milk-unfortunately I am one of those people. I had a bit of time and fuel is short and so I decided to walk the 1500m to my bank that I would normally drive to. It was rather pleasant, despite the rubbish on the road. I was not mugged, accosted, picked up, or any of the other horror stories that are associated with walking in town.

One of the side effects of not walking is a lack of exercise. People may be getting their exercise elsewhere, but I doubt it. A healthy body is key to doing all you need to do. I am working on a presentation on ‘Fitness and Exercise’; one of the points is that- if you truly wish to achieve your vision for life, then you need a body that is fit enough to do the job. Most people simply don’t do enough exercise. What’s the point of having an idea that will change the world, if your body cannot handle the stress and strain of producing it? Find an exercise that you will enjoy and do it, regularly.

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