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Friday, June 23, 2006

The Working Life

We are now over the winter solstice here in Zimbabwe, and are experiencing unusually warm weather. The sun is shining brightly outside and the temptation to go and tan is rather great. Unfortunately, work beckons for a little longer this afternoon. I have a brief break between patients before hitting the ‘grindstone’ again. The truth is, work is not a grind for me. I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I get to help others get the most out of their bodies and find the problem solving aspect very satisfying. Analysis has always been one of my strong points; I routinely scored the highest in the analysis part of my practical exams at university. I found maths ridiculously simple at school. Later when I did a personality profile under the DISC system, the broad tag attached to my profile result was “Analyst”. Realising this has helped me when making decisions regarding project involvement. Working to my strengths will enable me to do a job well and have greater satisfaction. I can only think that the worst thing for me would be to be stuck in a job that I hated and merely going through the motions everyday. What are your strengths? And how can you make them work better for you?

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