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Monday, July 03, 2006

'Suddenly' moments.

I write this a bit jaded and weary after my first day on a new job! That’s right-new job. I’m now a part time manager for a fantastic coffee shop attached to a world class conference centre in Harare. I am still doing physio, just less so.

How did all this happen? It’s a case of a “suddenly” moment. I once heard a speaker refer to “suddenlies” in reference to points of time where everything falls into place and opportunities come your way. This is one of those. I did not apply for the job, I did not actively seek the job, but it just happened in a series of events. I won’t bore you with the details but, 2 weeks ago, I was approached with an offer and after consideration said ‘yes’. In my life list there is an entry “coffee shop” that entry now has a large tick next to it.

The main things with a “suddenly” is to be prepared. For some time I have been trying to wean the practice off me-to a point where it is independent but for minor tweaking and still makes me money. I’m not quite there, but am far enough along to be able to take the extra position. Where this will end up I’m not quite sure, but for this season, I am committing to stretching my management ability and creativity. So if you are in the mood for a Cappuccino pop down to Cee Cee’s on a Mon morning or Fri and Sun night and say hi.

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