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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All the small things

Today is my mother’s birthday. Despite her having to spend most of today in hospital receiving a shot of chemotherapy, we were able to celebrate. We took her cake and a gift and the doctor’s and staff gathered round and sang to her. My dad is in town with her and both my sister’s will phone today, one of them rang just as I was leaving. It is little things like that that often make a difference in a creating a memorable celebration, but it is these little things that take a bit of extra effort (I had been thinking over the idea for over a week). The results are well worth it. So often in the past, I have taken birthdays and other memorable occasions for granted and never really made much of an effort. I just realise more and more that, despite the many spontaneous occasions that arise, great memories are created and spontaneity often comes on the foundation of planning.

A total change of topic, but other small things are the tweaks I am trying to give the site. I am experimenting with different colour schemes and have added a photo to the profile. Enjoy the changes and if something really doesn’t seem to be working then let me know.

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