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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Off the Floor

Had to withdraw from a dance competition today. Should be dancing tonight, but am having a repeat of the allergic reactions that put me in hospital last year-an experience I do not care to repeat. It is disappointing to see all the hard work go to waste, especially as competitions in Zimbabwe are few (the next one is in 2 months time). There will be other competitions. No-one accused life of being fair. There is a bigger picture at stake, and I need to focus on it. I could dance tonight, but history has shown that it is not wise, I had to walk off the floor mid-dance last year because I was unable to breath. Sacrificing one competition is a small price to pay for a faster recovery, avoiding hospital bills and being able to accomplish everything else that I need to do in a particulrly busy month. I have an orthpaedic surgeon out from the uk this month and will be busy in the hospital, as well as trying to juggle all my other responsibilities. So I guess I'll get over it-eventually.

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