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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Continuous improvement is a necessity in life. In fact the only thing truly constant in life is change. I have finally managed to upgrade the browser on my dinosaur of a pc and will hopefully be better able to manage my site. One hopes that this will translate into better links, more photos once in a while and a richer text content.

My sister Rene' is out from the U.K. for a couple of weeks and I was able to spend much of the last day with her. It reminded me how important it is to maintain the connection with people and spend time with those we love. One of the hardest things for me has been to stop thinking of her as "my little sister" and accept that she is a grown up, quite capable of taking care of herself. To think of her in the same way that I did in the past would be foolish. She is older, wiser and capable of so much more than when we were younger. I love her to bits and am so glad that we have been able to share things in greater depth as our maturity has grown (hers has, I hope that mine has too).

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