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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Question everything

Magazine interviews have the potential to be the most boring pieces of literature available, easily glossed over and avoided due to the mindless nature of common questions. Small talk may help break the ice, but it’s never going to give me any substantial information. If I want to know her eye colour then I’ll look at the photo accompanying the commentary. I recently came across a series of refreshing interviews in a magazine in a colleague’s waiting room. Questions like “How would you spend you last day on earth?” can give you insight into someone’s value system. “What would you do it money was not an issue?” can help you see if you are satisfied with your current situation.

If you had an hour with a person you admire, famous or infamous, dead or alive, what questions would you ask them? I can almost guarantee that you would not be wasting time on the weather. Why then do people inflict mediocre questions on people? My aim this week is to ask entertaining and though provoking questions of the people I meet, probably only one per conversation else it may scare them. Share the most creative question you have ever been asked or asked as a comment on the site for others to see.


Anonymous said...

Where do you see yourself 50 years from now? Got asked this out of the blue on a bus trip. Really threw me at first as I had never actually given it much thought

Anonymous said...

How would we respond if someone asked us to explain the gospel to them?

Anonymous said...

Or asked us what do you belive as a Christian? What makes a Chrisitan differnt from other people?