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Saturday, July 22, 2006

At the End of a Day

It has been a beautiful day, despite a pretty horrific night. I will spare the details, but I was unwell yesterday evening. Was a bit better this morning and after an extended lie-in, decided to make breakfast. Small dilemma-we had no electricity, being in the middle of an extended power outage. So, cousin and I decided to go scout the 'opposition' and went an had a meal at one of the other coffee shops in town. I had a rather pleasant muffin (nothing too taxing on the stomach plesae), while Kyle tried something a bit more substantial. We then decided to go coffee-shop crawling, and in between shopping moved on to another two(one wsa closed so I suppose it doesn't really count as two). After dropping him at hockey, I had planned to stop by the office and catch up on some computer work. This I have dutifully done and have the pleasure of having completed the second draft of my book(see excerpt in previous post). Finally I have a document I think that I can show a publisher. It may get torn to shreds but that's the risk you take. I already have a basic outline for another book(hopefully part of a trilogy), and will see what comes of it. There is a lovely sunset outside and I am going to enjoy it for a moment before phoning up a friend to make plans for the evening. Despite the afternoon's efforts I am feeling relaxed and content.

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