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Thursday, July 20, 2006

On the Way.

Well, well. This is my 50th post! I have managed to keep going for 4 months and reached what may be considered a landmark number. Is it really though? Is this post more important than any of the previous posts merely due to its numerical ranking. Once it is published, is not the next post the most important-the one that I need to write in order to keep the site alive?

I have found a passion for writing, and this blog allows me a creative outlet for what I write. Judging from the number of blogs on the net, I am not alone. One of the great things about writing like this is that you are generaly free to write what you will-there are few limitations to what you can put down and if no-else likes it, then tough. I have learnt a few skills along the way: have picked up a basic understanding of HTML (for the uninitiated, the media language used to creat web sites), have improved some of my spelling and grammar (no don't look), and have a bettter appreciation of what makes a great site.

Where this blog will go, I am not sure. There is still much to say, and many different ways to say it. So, I'll keep writing-just watch this space.

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