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Friday, July 14, 2006

So, You've had a bad day.

I love that song by Daniel Powter, the music video is even better(Check out the lyrics or his web site). Got home last night to find that my delightful cousin, and potential bane of my days, had finished all the milk. Woke up this morning to a power cut-no hot breakfast and a rapidly cooling bath. Arrived at work to the universality of power shortages, although it has now returned and I can sip on that much needed coffee. Today is a day that I need strength and energy-between the practice and the coffee shop-I will only finish at 11 tonight without much of a break. So I had a bad start, so what. I can choose to mope, or I can make decisions that will benefit my experience today. I have already got some breakfast from a shop just down from work. I have purposed to take it easy and not get too stressed while treating, and have planned a couple of mini-breaks during the day. So I’m going to have an amazing day (and night), how about you?

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