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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I've found it.

I found it! No, not the answer to life; as you may recall, I mentioned in a previous post about 'suddenly' moments. I rediscovered the source this evening. It came in a newsletter called 'The Writer's Workshop'. The letter is written by Diane Scimonce who is the president of Peapod Publishing. The relevant article is found at this link, or you can subscribe to the newsletter at her site. I like to always give credit where credit is due, and she was responsible for that bit of revelation.

It is worth honouring others who have impacted you positively, especially if they are unaware of it. We seem to have lost the art of thanking people, either through a note, email or verbal message. My encouragment is that, this week, find someone who has done something, no matter how small, and thank them for it. You may be surprised at the result.

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