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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cleared my desk...

…well almost. Had a chunk of time this afternoon, so set about tackling some of the tasks that normally creep up on me over the month e.g. clearing out my inbox, balancing my accounts, patient notes and letters (they normally build up over the week). Definitely a case of delayed gratification; sacrificing the present for a better future (namely this weekend). I am now in a better position to be able to focus on this evening. I will probably end up doing a few tasks around the house before going to see a friend of mine.
I hope to take leave from the office in the near future-part of my ‘downtime’ program- and relax. Too late this year did I remember a promise to myself in August last year, that I would take some time off in July. I am paying the price with a slightly overworked body and a dose of allergies to boot. So, now that I have cleared my desk, I can look forward to shutting the office out of my mind for a few days and just ‘blob-out’ and recover.

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