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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Thinking ahead

Friday night was a blast! All the planning, preparation and visualization paid off and we had a successful evening. The coffee shop enjoyed an 80% occupancy throughout the evening and sales were the high. It was an example of anticipating the problems before they occurred and working to provide alternative solutions. It is probably impossible to envisage every single problem, but it is possible to visualize your response to an unexpected hiccup. My traditional response is one of panic and crisis management, but I had spent the week envisioning a calm, calculated reaction to any situation-and that’s what I got. To say it was a flawless evening would be a lie, but I had a great evening. Next week is the National Ballet performance at the same venue and I am already anticipating a phenomenal evening.

This afternoon our church banner and dance team performed at the opening ceremony of the Zone 6 gymnastics competition being held in Zimbabwe. Despite limited rehearsal, we pulled of a spectacular performance. It is always a pleasure to see something that you have invested time in have a positive impact and I am already dreaming up ideas for next year. There is nothing like success as a motivator. So imagine the end result of something you have to do and hold onto that vision through your preparation and practice.

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