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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Habitual Unease

Finished work at 4pm and found myself with ‘nothing to do’ till 7. I began feeling a little uneasy and unsure of myself at the thought of all that ‘unoccupied time’. Most evenings recently have been filled with either work or some social function that only sees me home well after dark. This deviation from my ‘normal’ habit was rather unsettling. I did, however, have a number of things that I could attend to at home, so I stepped out of my little ‘comfort zone’ and home I went. One of the outstanding tasks that awaited me there was listening to my TPI follow up CD (designed to help with the long term application of the course). Guess what today’s lesson was on-breaking habits. It was so weird listening to someone explain exactly what I had just been through and the potential limiting effect on our behavior of such ‘stuck-in-the-rut’ thinking. This is one lesson I am unlikely to forget.

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