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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dodge, duck, roll, aim and fire! That’s what I spend Friday doing. I ended up playing network games against a few friends, mainly Call of Duty and Battle for Middle Earth II (which I still regard as one of the best games ever). I realized that I have a major flaw that I need to deal with. Once I have a working strategy, I tend to lock onto it and use it all the time-to my detriment. Once placed in a different scenario or playing against a different race, the old strategies just no longer work. Arrows work well against foot soldiers, but when the game shifts to artillery unless you change you are asking for a whole bunch of crushed fletching. Instead of looking forward and compensating, I tend to only change after a while. Sure we learn from our mistakes, but there is really no excuse when you know the information before the game starts. It’s got me thinking about where else in my life do I not think ahead. If I behave like this in a computer game where there is nothing to lose but ego, what happens when I am operating in reality. I am aware of the problem, and am working to rectify it, I will let you know how it goes.

On the other hand, tomorrow is Christmas Day. I’ll be of to the farm to spend time with my dad. I may not get a chance to post for a couple of days so MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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