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Sunday, December 17, 2006


There is a unique trend in Africa, especially here in Zimbabwe. It involves placing the blame for any situation squarely on the shoulders of the western governments. I heard it described once as “the economy’s failed it’s Tony Blair’s fault, we have no fuel it’s George Bush, my wife won’t sleep with me it’s the British Government.” We laugh at the absurdity of such comments, yet the real issue is the failure to take responsibility for our actions or the lack of them.

It is one thing for someone to not admit that they were wrong in doing something, it is another to realise that your inactivity has resulted in your current state. I have been lax in getting my book out; part of it is rooted in a fear of failure, fear of criticism and just a general lack of available time to action the process. These are all issues under my control and under my responsibility-fear can be overcome and time can be made. At this point the only person to blame for a lack of publication is myself. Once I have sent it out and released it to an agent, then, and only then, does the responsibility become shared. It has challenged me to look at other areas of my life where I am apportioning a share of blame to persons and circumstances that have little to do with the root-me.

It has been a key trend in talks, sermons, conversations and books this week. Once may be ‘coincidence’ but when the same message comes through again and again it is wise to sit up and take heed.

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