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Monday, November 13, 2006

Trees of Life.

This period of time is particularly beautiful in Zimbabwe. First, as winter shifts into spring, the msasa trees’ leaves come out. For those who don’t know, the msasa leaves first appear as red and orange and then turn green, almost the reverse of autumnal senescence. This turns large areas of forest into swathes of living fire. Then about September, the jacarandas bloom. Common throughout Harare, these ‘imported’ trees transform the avenues of the city into purple tunnels, while underfoot the crunch of fresh fallen flowers is unmistakable. As the jacarandas fade, the flamboyant trees explode in rage of red, until the rains come and strip their petals.

Each tree is distinctive in its pattern of blooming, and easily recognisable. In a similar way, are there any factors that stand out in our lives? What attributes to others see, and what attributes do you wish to have evident? My mother had a special way of interacting with children, she never had to tell you that she was good with young ones; it was evident without her opening her mouth. My one secretary is similar in that regard, she loves dealing with kids, her eyes light up every time one walks into the practice-she can’t hide it. My friend Jon is passionate about music; it’s obvious in the way he talks about bands and songs and the way he plays. It’s an unavoidable part of him. He doesn’t have to tell you that he loves music, it just shows through his behaviour. Think about friends you know, what is the first word that comes to mind to describe them? Now, what do they think of when they think of you.

Positive attributes in your character will always show up. The flip side of the coin is that negative attributes will also be obvious. If you have a problem with anger, fear, or rejection, these will eventually show up. The good news is that they can be altered and changed.

‘By their fruit you shall know them’ is indeed a true and valid concept.

Harare character tree

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