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Friday, November 10, 2006


Television, billboards, magazines...images are all around us. They influence us in what we buy, wear, feel and how we behave. They help shape social norms (anyone remember the first gay kiss in movies years back and now how every sitcom seems to have a gay couple now?) Like it or not, images are here to stay and they WILL shape you.

What is your image of yourself? How do you see yourself? Is it positive or negative, does in influence others, or is yours readily influenced by external pressure? How you see yourself will determine how you act, where you be and what you become. What you are today is an expression of your internal self image. Change the inside and the outside will change. True and lasting change comes from within. Too many times we try change the outside-you can't take someone from the slums and place him in a mansion without changing him internally first-else he will turn the mansion into a slum. Don't like what you see, change your image of yourself!

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