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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blocked again

When I started this I had writers’ block. I couldn’t for the life of me think of anything to write-this is most unusual. (As an interesting aside, does the apostrophe in writers’ block refer to a single writer, i.e. writer’s block, or plural writers, the way I have used it; in the assumption that millions of budding scribes have been frustrated by the experience?)

Staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration is one way around writers’ block, another is to start typing (like I have just done) in the hope that something meaningful will flow from my fingers. For others it may take a walk outside in a pleasant garden, for others a meal enjoyed with friends. Others may find solace and ideas during a period of solitude while enjoying a cup of fresh brewed coffee. The simple fact is that each of us has different triggers and different ways of kicking back. The trick is to identify these triggers and use them to your advantage. If going for a run gives you a kick then by all means go pavement pounding, just try not to involve me (unless I can cycle alongside). This week notice those things that give you the most pleasure, and those periods of time that are the most productive for you. Ask yourself why these are most productive, maybe no-one else is around, maybe you are more alert in the morning, maybe the sight of the single secretary down the corridor…ok we’ll leave that one there. Now ask yourself why you don’t have periods like that more often and do something about it.

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