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Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Images

I have been thinking a lot about images since I last wrote. The images we form of ourselves are shaped and created by the words we speak and the other things we see. One of the reasons television and multimedia advertising is so powerful is that it allows the creation of an image in your mind without the process of words. An instant picture is transferred into your mind without you having to create it. If your do not guard your mind you are susceptible to such ‘mental’ attacks. One of the reasons pornography is so successful is that it operates in this manner.

To change the image of yourself you have to change what you say about yourself. Positive confession has power, unfortunately so does negative confession. Negative confession is often rooted in your image of where you are now, not of where you want to be. Unless you continually reflect on where you want to be, you will never see yourself there, and consequently you will never get there.

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