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Monday, September 04, 2006

On Top of it All

Are you on top of your work, or is your work on top of your? That’s the dilemma I currently face. I have been doing a bit of stocktaking in my life and realized that sometimes I tend to let tasks build up to the point where they become monsters. What started out as a small, simple task turns into a towering obstacle to be overcome (e.g. my accounts at work-I am so glad I never became an accountant).

The principle I face is how can I ever do more if I cannot cope with what I currently have? If I cannot be faithful with small tasks now, what hope is there for me when I face new and larger responsibilities?

I have made a conscious decision to take control of the situation. By prioritizing, making to-do lists, and being a little more disciplined, I am getting to grips with the situation. One of my main excuses is that I never have enough time to do a task. This is simply not true. You will be amazed at how much time you actually have once to start to analyze it. Don’t believe me, keep a record. Record all those 15 minute moments where you do nothing; record the larger areas of time where you watch television (or if you’re like me, play computer games). Then, break your large task into smaller manageable chunks and start to DO IT! It’s rather foolish to plan something and then not do it. Also, consider what you can do to prevent a task building up, what can you do daily to deal with it, or is there someone you can delegate it to?

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