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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Nation in Crisis

The situation in Zimbabwe is worsening as a shortage of chocolate hits the market! One of the major suppliers to the coffee shop is unable to supply the usual quantity of chocolate due to a shortage of raw materials. So far, the general public is still consuming old stock in the shops, but replacement will be another story. It is simply a matter of time before the racks of enticing goods placed by the till to tempt innocent shoppers are empty. For chocoholics, like myself, this is a disaster of monstrous proportions. Unless dire steps are taken, there will be a widespread manifestation of withdrawal symptoms in those who cannot obtain their daily fix; the loss of productivity will take a heavy toll on an already stretched economy. The solution: in the short-term release forex to import the necessary goods. In the long term, plant cocoa trees in appropriate areas in the country to ensure self-reliance for cocoa production. Have you ever wondered why cocoa from North Africa and sugar from Mauritius is taken to Europe for processing and exported back to Africa? Have a beautiful day. I’m off to enjoy a bar of chocolate-while stocks last.

Zimbabwe chocolate humour

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