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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Measures of sucess.

How often do we mistake 'busy-ness' for productivity. I have noticed this trend in churches, where often a person's 'spirituality' is measured by the degree of their involvement; or in business where 'time is money' and if you are not continually on the go, you are not a satisfactory employee. I am not decrying hard work, but is what we are doing really productive and effective? Are we using the right tools to measure our sucess? Someone mentioned this week that sometimes what we call 25 years experience is merely 1 year experience and 24 years doing the same thing at the same level. Occasionally we need to step back and review what we are doing and if it really achieves anything in the big picture.

Earlier this year i stepped down from a position I had held for the last 7 years-mainly because I was no longer effective in what I was doing. Things had changed, and role I had been fulfilling(programme creation and development) was no longer necessary, and could be easily handled by others. After a suitable break, I am tentativly going back into the same organisation, but in a different capacity-that of an analyst-which better suites my abilities and profile. I have made my initial commitment deliberatly short-term in order to see if I can cope, but have little doubt that this will be a satisfying and productive experience.

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