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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stepping out

Chill the champagne and start baking the cakes (chocolate please). Why the reason for this sudden party attitude. Well, I’m approaching the one-month ‘blogday’. Personally, I’m fairly impressed that I’ve lasted so long. I was a bit apprehensive at the start that I would run out of things to say within a week. Admittedly, some days I have had no idea what to write but have managed to be inspired to put something down. Other times I have known for days what I want to say and been able to think about it a bit more. I print out hard copies of everything I write for future reference and am amazed at how much I have written this month. It is definitely a case of bit-by-bit, stage by stage, with the sum of the whole being greater than the parts (now how’s that for a clichéd sentence). Who knows’ if I get enough material over time I might be able to use the ideas in book.

I have realised with this blog that the difference between a great concept/idea and an average project is that one exists in reality, while the other is merely stuck in your head. There is a big difference between thinking of doing something and actually doing it. How many great ideas are never acted upon and become the great realities they could be. Instead, too often, it is average ideas that are put into practice and become average projects that succeed; not because of greatness, but because someone acted on what they thought. Bit of a sobering thought really. “No one ever achieved greatness by sitting back and doing nothing.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations - keep going!!