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Monday, May 08, 2006

Curve Balls

Sometimes life gives you the unexpected. I had a dreadful weekend in the main. My grandmother collapsed on Friday, had to take her to hospital and all. Looks like early stage diabetes, should be treatable. The episode tainted my whole weekend, not to mention spoilt a whole bunch of plans. However, life doesn't give you a re-run. I've had to suck it up and deal with the reality of a major shake up in my life. My natural coping mechanism is to run as far away as possible, but this isn't going to solve anything.

It's amazing how in the middle of such dispair there is always some light for you to see. Mine last night was a peculiar experience. I was walking back from locking the gate and passed a gardinia bush. Suddenly the sweetest smell from one of the fading blooms hit me. It was such a refreshing experience and brightened me up immediatly. It brought a ray of joy and hope. I would probably have never even noticed it if I wasn't so jaded. Instead I was able to pause, refresh and go on stronger.

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