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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To the Manor Born.

"In the beginning the Lord planted a garden and since then it has remained one of the greatest human pleasures"

There is nothing like a stroll through a well kept estate. I spend the day yesterday at Harewood House, an estate just outside of Leeds. With a rich royal history, sweeping views and a rare-bird garden, it was just the place for some quiet reflection amid beauty. Among the hustle and bustle of daily routine it is refreshing to be able to get away from it all and just spend time unwinding. I must have spent a good 20 minutes sitting on a bench admiring the view, inhaling the sweet fragrance of pink rose bushes. The views from the house are breathtaking, even if they are landscaped, and there are worse things that one could wake up to each mornng. The servants quarters below the main house give an interesting insight into the unseen life of the house, a reminder that good planning and organisation are the foundation of many things that look like a success.

At the end of the day I decided I could definitly live the manor life. Anyone with a spare estate...

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