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Friday, June 06, 2008

How do you get a child to eat brocolli (or any other foul tasting green). One way is to sit them down and force them to eat it-'you're not leaving the table till its finished'. Many have been scarred by this experience, remember sitting there staring at a pile of steaming green lava with your mother's latest threat ringing in your ears. Bet you still don't eat brocolli.

The other option is to go though the cookbooks and present it in such a tasteful and appealing way that there is no argument-ever. Chop it up, disguise it in a sauce or a different shape (my parent uses to make thinks all sasauge shaped for there was a period where that was all I would eat). Try carrot, butternut or beetroot cake. Problem solved. You improve your cooking ability (your spouse will love you) and there is no stress and argument.

How about other areas of life. In case you havn't noticed when you force someone to do something they almost always push back. Rather make the experience one of benefit and fun. Want to exercise-do it in a manner that apealls to you (if you hate running then try a scenic session of discovery on a bike). It saves the argument

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