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Monday, June 02, 2008

Fighting Faces

Everyone of us wears a multitude of faces. For example, to some I am a teacher, to others a physiotherapist, to others a friend, cook, advisor etc. You get the picture. Through life we fill certain roles as we go along. The irritating part is that often as we move along and grow and develop that people (especially those that have not been around us for a while) tend to treat us as though nothing’s changed. I think everyone who has ever been 20 remembers some idiotic relative who tried to treat you like you were 12 at the annual family Christmas party. That should have set of a bad series of memories for you. Now the nasty reflective part-have you done it to anyone else. It doesn’t have to be as obvious as the example I gave above, but what about the friend who has gotten control of his anger and you are tiptoeing around him like he could erupt at any minute. What a waste of tiptoeing (save it for the midnight sneak to the fridge).

Or maybe you treat yourself like that-after all the effort you’ve put into loosing weight you fail to hold the new internal picture of a thin you and binge out. What about the picture of how much money you have-you get a salary rise but it doesn’t fit the picture of you so you go and blow it on some ridiculous outfit.

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