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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Food for Thought on Vision

Working with a concept on vision-if you have any comments/ideas help me out and post them to the site. Vision for your life can take essentially two main forms. The ‘me-centric’ personal benefit vision (what can this do for me?) and the ‘de-centric’ outward looking vision (what can this/I do for others?). An example of the de-centric would be Bill Gates vision to put a computer in every home-benefiting others. But wait didn’t he make a lot of money out of it I hear you say. Sure he did and they possibly helped build his ‘me-centric’ visions of how he would like his house, car etc to be. Many people start businesses with the ‘me-centric’-normally a ‘how can I make money out of this?’ Successful corporations often work on the ‘de-centric’-‘what product can we make that will benefit people (and as a result make us lots of money)’-people aren’t too keen on buying things with no benefit.

Its not that you can’t be successful with a ‘me-centric’ vision. The goal to be the ‘best golfer in the world’ can be pretty lucrative. Success does not equal significance though, a lasting impression and legacy to society as a whole. Significance takes a ‘de-centric’ view. I read that in teaching the great teachers are not concerned about themselves as about their students. It’s not about what their results look like but what their students’ results look like and what the pupils can achieve. Big difference.

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