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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bricks and Mortar

Its been a wickedly windy day in Leeds today. Walking along the canal there were times when I ws almost blown backwards as the wind was funneled down the sidepath. My sister lives in the city and I'm here because she decided to finally tie the knot. The wedding was on Friday and was a fabulous party. Very non-conformist but a completely brilliant bash. It was held in a meadow on the longest day of the year. We had all sorts of fun from the excellent food to afternoon croquet to letting off two dozen chinese lanterns into the night when it finally got dark.

I've a couple of days in Leeds on my own to shop and sightsee. Today I visited the Royal Armoury and took a tour through the violence of history. I have a weakness for swords and armour and was well in my element. I then took a stroll through the Leeds Art Gallery where, compared to my rececent Tate experience, a lot of fun and thought was had. One of the exhibits was an interactive canvas where you were free to pick up a piece of chalk, get down on your knees and scrawl your inspiration about the brick man at the gallery(see image above). I think it was the challenge of using words creatively that got to me. So I put down my two pence of worth.

"From Dust
To Dust
The Eternal Contemplation"

Not a lot, but that's what came to me.

The other exhibit that appealed to me was a series of word/concept breakdowns involving dictionary definitions of the words associated with it. If I feel creative I may do one sometime. Tommorrow its time to shop and I'll find something exciting to do for Tuesday.

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