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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lessons from the Game Realms

I won an Xbox360 recently and my friends were quick to point out that this probably heralded the end of my social life as a whole as I already spent an unhealthy amount of time gaming on my PC. They were, however, all eager to give a try when it arrives. True I have over the years managed to log up an extensive period of gaming. I have learnt to limit myself somewhat recently to enable me to at least function at some semblance of normality. It has not all been a total waste though, I have managed to gain a few practical insights into life along the way. While some may be a little contradictory this is because…

1. Strategy is situation dependent. There is a time to rush in and a time to be patient. Strategy can even change mid-game, especially true if playing humans and not the AI.
2. There is no SAVE button in life. Go on, play an entire game without saving once, live with the consequences of your mistakes. Causes you to think things through a little more doesn’t it.
3. Don’t be afraid to restart a level. Certain scenarios lend themselves to restarting-lost a business; restart. Your first book didn’t publish; write another one.
4. Sometimes you need to tear down something in order to build something better. Especially true in city civ/tycoon games. It may look like you are going backwards but check out the result.
5. Age ain’t nothing but a number. A nine year old with a gun is as lethal as a 25 year old. If you have a problem serving under someone younger than you, get over it or move over. It will happen.
6. Everyone has a role to play-know your role. Very true in MMORPG’s.
7. There is more than one way to skin a cat. There is more than one way to solve a scenario, often using different character combinations.
8. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
9 .Know the strengths and weaknesses of others-your opponents and your team. Sending infantry against a tank is usually a bad move.
10. it helps if everyone knows what they are doing. Some strategy games have an auto-attack facility build into their units-your units will automatically target the thing they are most effective against (e.g. pikemen vs. horses). If they don’t you have to control them and issue individual commands-this takes a lot of extra brain power. Empower people around you.
11. There is always chance. Even with the best plans the stray arrow can get through.
12. C.Y.A.-Cover Your A… .You can’t always tell who to trust. Many a time has been spent in a multiplayer scene only to have an ally turn on you while your base is undefended. In business if it’s not in writing it doesn’t exist.
13. Have a break-you can’t play all the time. Holidays are good from work.
14. Stay in the forefront of information. Get the best advice (and best machine) you can afford.
15. Liven up a little-it’s only a game.
16. You can use cheat codes but they’ll leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth. You can short cut in life sometimes (e.g. pay a bribe) but it’ll cost you more of your soul than you’d imagine.
17. Read the manual-there are so many little bits on information.
18. reading the manual is no substitute for game experience.
19. Experience counts. Level 70 vs. Level 20 no real contest.
20. Demo’s are there for a reason. Try something first before you make a major commitment. Live in the country for a fortnight before you move. Visit the area you are relocating to. Spend a few days shadowing someone before you pick a profession.

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