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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Growing along the way

One of my little sidelines is occasionally doing calligraphy for certificates. Normally this involves filling in names for long service awards and the like. Normally, I get provided with a list of names, but occasionally there is a bit more history with them-dates commenced, start grade, current position.

One batch that I did had one interesting case that gripped my attention. A man had started out 25 years ago as a gardener and progressed to IT manager of his division. Considering that, when he began, IT involved telephone lines and certainly not computers, he had put in some serious training over the years. It struck me that this man had pursued a vision and dream. Looking down the list revealed a man who had started gardening at the same time, and guess what, he was still gardening. The second man had spent 25 years doing the same job- equivalent to spending 25 years in grade one.
Do you have a vision for the future, or do you find yourself stuck in the same rut? Where is your mindset? What do you need to change to get further? Why aren’t you doing it? In my experience, areas that I have no desire to change are areas where I have become set in a negative way of thinking, where the pain required by change does not exceed the pain of remaining static. Only a concrete internal decision is going to make a difference.

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