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Friday, August 25, 2006

Write it Down

The written word is one of the most powerful tools available today. We can use it to remind us of things to do, of activities long past. It can be used to convey instruction and warning. It can stimulate thought and discussion. Newspapers command our attention with their headlines-a negative review in a top column can sink a restaurant. Blogging, despite its IT format, is essentially the written word. Writing helps us to avoid the mistakes of the past, to learn from others.
If writing is so important to us, are you writing? If not, why not? The human mind, in general, is forgetful. Writing (or typing) can be used to provide an accurate record of what you are going through. Apart from this blog, I maintain a journal in which I record events, feelings and thoughts on at least a weekly basis. Another friend of mine keeps a memory list, when he remembers an event-he writes it down. We were able to go through the list a couple of weeks ago and relive memories that were prompted by what was written. Writing enables us to think beyond ourselves, beyond this generation. My gran wrote her memoirs of early days pioneering in Africa. Without that record I would have no idea of what she went through. My encouragement to you is to record the events of this last week down-your thoughts, experiences, anything you wish. Start journaling your memories-you won’t regret it.

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