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Monday, July 28, 2008

Who Tells Your Story.

Another weekend, another movie. This time ‘The Seeker-The Dark is Rising’, a movie based on a series of books by Susan Cooper. I loved the acting (especially by Alexander Ludwig as the young Will Staton on whose shoulders falls the task of saving the world). However, I just felt that the storyline was rushed along, especially toward the climax. It lacked the depth of explanation offered by the written novels and could possibly been better off as a number of films. I felt short changed-great sets, great characters, but not enough delivery of all the information.

To be fair, there are very few films recently that have truly translated accurately (let alone better) the books on which they are based. Part of the problem lies with the nature of the time frame a film has to create a believable story whereas a book can fill out pages of detail and imagery to cover all angles. Films that have succeeded include the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and the recent ‘Prince Caspian’. I was a solid Tolkien and Lewis fan prior to the movies, but to be frank found Tolkien wordy at times and Lewis a little short on the detail. Both dramatisations filled in gaps and dealt well with the storyline. This though is a rarity.

The fact of the matter is that, in most cases, others cannot tell your story as well as you. No one else can paint the picture of your life with all its nuances quite as well as you can. Rare are the mentors who can see you beyond where you are into greatness. In the mainstream, it’s you who has to cast the vision for your own life. If you let others do it for you they will always miss out some vital detail of your dream and leave you feeling as though you are missing some vital component of the puzzle. Only you have the picture of what your dream house would look like, or your dream job. I can’t see what legacy you want to leave unless you tell me. It’s up to you. Be careful who you let design your life, they might go wrong. Unlike the movies there are no rewind buttons on life, no chances for a remake. There is only one shot so you better make it count.

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