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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Perchance to Dream

Ever had a dream that excited you only to have it die, either from a slow asphyxiation of doubt and frustration, or an explosion of fate that rent your world apart. Either way it’s a dismal, painful process that sucks the very life out of you. Here’s the problem though, unless you are a masochist the idea of pain (physical or emotional) is not really pleasant. Most humans spend their entire lives avoiding it or lessening its effects. The easy way to avoid the agony of a failed dream is to, well, stop dreaming altogether. That way you never have your aspirations dashed because you haven’t got any.

This is really a self defeating exercise. Humans are designed to dream. We are creative, we invent things, and there are things that we would like to achieve. The sheer act of shutting down your creative process results in a void inside you that gnaws away leaving a hollow shell of unfulfilled potential.

The cure? First turn on the tap. Open the door to your aspirations, glance at the long dead shades of promise and see if they can’t be resurrected. Imagine a little; envision a world where what you want takes place. Second, develop some resilience. Life is unfair at times-face that reality. If you get knocked down then get back up again, and again, and again, and again. No one promised it would be easy. You need to be able to hold onto the hope of a better future in the face of adversity-whether that adversity comes from friends ‘good intentions’, circumstances around you, or your own inadequacies. As long as you can maintain a strong grasp on your dream and continue to move towards it, it will come to pass.

Go on find a garden and dream a little.

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Footprints in the Sand said...

no way, guess who i found! lol (i remember us talking about ur blog, about a year ago...ages :P ).

speaking about dreams dying - i have heard, and believe, that only God can resurrect a dream .. and then you know that it really is from God. But it has to die, like a seed, before it can begin to germinate, grow, and bear fruit.

good to 'see' some of your writing :) many blessings:) Harmony Jones