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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Agreeing on Vision

Be it 'The Secret', Steven Covey, Michael Gerber, or the excellent programmes offered by The Pacific Institute, they all agree on one thing. You have to be intentional about your future. You have to sit down and create a vision for your life and then fight to keep it and obtain it. This intentionality does not come easily to mast of us who probably no longer take the time to dream. It is necessary though if you are going to succeed in life. A vision backed by passion ignites a powerful drive to achieve it. Some people can tell you theirs in a flash. Others only have a vague idea. That's okay. If you have no idea, grab a pencil and think about what you would really want.

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john stanko said...

The new TPI youth program has an interesting exercise throughout the 15 units. They have the youth participating direct their own life movie. They choose the scenes, the plot, the music, and the locations, and then have the youth "rehearse" their movie through visualization. I haven't used that exercise yet, but I hope to do so soon.