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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Team Dance

Choreographed a dance this morning, took the better part of an hour to do about a minute of music. It made me appreciate the value of teamwork; there were twelve of us, and we hit our groove. The ideas flowed and there was a great buzz of creativity. I was shocked when we checked the clock, because I had hardly noticed the time. There was very little arguing as we all headed toward our common goal. The dance itself was a very Charleston/jive piece and a whole bunch of fun.

There are a few things that make me loose track of time: teaching, writing, dance and reading (I will forego sleep to devour a great book). These are things I am passionate about and strike a chord within me; I find that I can flow in a manner that is productive and pleasurable, savouring the moment. I have no idea what triggers you, but you can always see when someone is in his or her groove. My one friend, Jon, can spend hours on the guitar, practicing and experimenting. I have other friends who get absorbed into games, the kitchen or even driving. What makes you loose track of time? Let me know.

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